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Whoever You Choose To Do Your Boudoir Pictures, I Want To Help You Choose A Boudoir Photographer You Can Trust To Make Your Boudoir Photography The Most Beautiful Pictures You've Ever Had.


I want you to find a boudoir photographer who will make you look your best, who will treat you with respect during your glamour photography session. Whether you are looking for some fun glamour shots or an intimate bridal


"I was very impressed with my pictures and your professionalism. What great quality! There is one happy soldier over seas now!"

Lauren Carlson

Birmingham, Alabama



























"I love my pictures.  It's like New York quality photos right in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  After years of modeling they are the best I've ever had done."

Lori Beth Perier

Tuscaloosa, Alabama



















"My husband loved the pictures!! Thank you for everything! I never thought I could feel so at ease doing a boudoir photography session. It was actually fun! I'll be back with friends!!!"

Karen Tidmore

Birmingham, Alabama












Have You Always Wanted To Have Boudoir Photography Done?


Life moves so fast! You are changing everyday and there will never be a better time to plan your glamour or boudoir photography. Boudoir photography often becomes treasured more than I ever imagined. Don't let excuses prevent you from making the most beautiful pictures you've ever had. I want to guarantee that you will feel comfortable and at ease.  If you don't feel comfortable then we won't be able to get the great boudoir pictures I guarantee you will get.


boudoir session, it's an honor to help something so special develop. There really is a big difference between boudoir and glamour portraits, but I'm going to talk about them as if they are the same for now.  We all have soo much fun working on these sessions. The fact that you've read this far tells me that you really care about your boudoir pictures. You want to make sure you get the best of boudoir photographers for your boudoir pictures! That means you are the kind of person who want to go the extra mile to make these truly special. That means you are just the kind of person I love to work with. I do however, still have to limit the number of boudoir photography sessions I do. I'd love for you to call me right away and be sure we can find an opening for you, but that's not the point of this web page. The point of this web page is to tell you the secrets to a great glamor portrait. Not just glamour shots.  You should get so much better pictures than just glamour shots.  If you don't decide to work  with me, that's fine.  I still want you to be aware of these major secrets.


11 (Or More) Secrets To Having A Beautiful Boudoir Portrait Created - The Stuff Most Don't Know:


Boudoir Photographers Secret #1  Is The Most Important Of Them All!


  Whether you choose to use me as your boudoir photographer or not, Please, please, please, make sure that your photographer is a true professional. Check references and take someone with you to all sessions. Especially for this type of photography you need to be extremely careful to use a full time professional photographer with a photography studio in a professional environment.  Any other situation could lead to a disaster. The least of which is that you may become uncomfortable and that will show in your pictures. I'm not going to go into horror stories here, but believe me I could.  Safety concerns aside, you will feel much more at ease in a comfortable boudoir photography studio environment.


Boudoir Photographers Secret #2 Is Easily And Often Overlooked!


Secret #2 is picking  the right outfits! Weather you are doing conservative glamour shots or erotic photography, this is huge. Even a top model wouldn't know what to wear that would help him or her look the very best in a still photo.  The "Art Director" would say what to wear! The "model"  would just show up, and wear what has been arranged! The hair  person does the hair. The Art Director plans everything and tells the subject what to do next.


You see, most people don't know what really photographs well in boudoir photography. Why should they? That's my job . And I love it.  I'll help you select clothing that will help you look your very best in glamour photography. Nothing you don't want to wear and we certainly need your input, but I'm here to help. That's why I give you a free consultation. If I create amazing artistic boudoir photography and you wanted some fun pin up photography I haven't done my job. These are your boudoir pictures and we need to work together to achieve boudoir pictures perfectly suited to you!


Boudoir Photographers Secret #3 Is A HUGE Destroyer Of Boudoir Pictures!


Secret #3 is making your hair looks as good as possible. Many women goof this up in several ways.  Not only that but, most photographers goof this up, too, because they don't know how to photograph hair properly for glamor photography.


Not only do we have professional hair and makeup available, we know how to make your hair look it's best in boudoir pictures.  This is such a big point!  As you know, your hair is a huge part of your appearance.  It can make or break how you look.  We've all had "bad hair days" and if your photographer doesn't know what he or she is doing, your photographs will look like a permanent "bad hair" day.


One of the things that separates my photography from that of most of the other boudoir photographers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is that I pay as much attention to the light that is lighting your hair, as I do to the lighting that is illuminating your face and they are completely different lights!


You see, if you study Hollywood Portraiture of the stars, you begin to see how careful the glamour photographers are about lighting the hair. Well, I've studied the best professional Hollywood glamour photo masters and I'm going to use these very same techniques to create your pictures, to help you, and your hair look really, really perfect.


For example, many women who go to other photographers often complain that, if they have dark hair, that their hair seems to disappear into the background. Or, if they have light hair, that their hair has no "life" or detail in the photograph. Or if their hair is brown, that it doesn't look as great as they wanted it to. It's not just how they combed or prepared it, it's how it's lit in the photograph, too!


Well, that's not going to happen to a boudoir picture created by me, because I'm going to take the time and the care in the lighting of your hair so it looks absolutely perfect. It's as if one of these Hollywood Master Photographers just finished photographing Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian, and now is going to do your portrait, and I'm going to put as much care into lighting your boudoir pictures as they would!


Boudoir Photographers Secret #4 Begin With An End In Mind


   This is not just another portrait.  We need to come up with a great look for you and your pictures.  I will work with you personally to be sure you are able to create just the right mood for your portraits. I will even meet with you in before you've made your final decision to make boudoir pictures if you like to discuss every aspect of your plans for a portrait. There is no selling involved in this "chat session" and no obligation at this time and you will walk away with a much better idea of what you would like to achieve and how to accomplish that .


Your first step should be to give me a call at 205-750-0222 so that we can talk about what we can do to create awesome boudoir pictures.  You won't even believe it's you in these boudoir portraits.


I encourage you to ask as many questions about boudoir photography as you like until you feel comfortable with your choice. When we both feel we understand the requirements of what you need, you can make a more informed choice when you are ready to choose your boudoir photographer. Of course, I hope you will choose me but I can give you valuable information no matter what your choice of boudoir photographers is.


Boudoir Photographers Secret #5 Missing This One Is A "Silent Killer" Of Glamour Pictures!


Most women don't understand (or don't want to admit) that they get nervous in front of a camera.  And they don't know what to do about it.


You see, there are over 30 muscles in your face. And if you're tense, these muscles tense up, and therefore, you won't love photographs. You won't know why they don't like them. They just won't.


One of the keys to my success in photography, is that I meet the clients I photograph in advance. And what's the purpose of this? Yes, we're going to talk about clothing, and all the other things.  We are also going to talk about different looks.  This will help us put together session that will be designed just for you.  This meeting will give you the chance to meet me, get to know me, and see just how well I am going to take care of you through your boudoir photography experience. You will see my studio. I'll give you a tour.  I'll spend time with you so you begin to feel comfortable and confident about how you can trust me and take my advice.


This is going to make an enormous difference in how natural and confident you look on the day of your boudoir photography! It's almost like magic! You will be impressed!


I can't stress this enough.  You see, most boudoir photographers just are not willing to do this.  Why?  Because it takes time.  All they want to do is crank people through their boudoir studio like a "factory."  They want to do your photograph as if they were building a car. They want to put you on the assembly line, and run you through, click-click-click-turn this way - click, etc....Next person please.


I will not do that to you.  I am going to treat this as if it were the most important photo of your life - because it is.


See what a huge difference this will make in how you feel on the day of your photography?  You'll feel great.  You'll have met me. You'll have seen the studio.  You'll know that what you're wearing is perfect.  You'll know that your hair is going to look perfect. You'll know that no blemishes will show!  So You'll be confident, and excited - not nervous and apprehensive.





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